Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS)

Agricultural Sector Development Strategy, a revision of the Strategy for Revitalizing Agriculture (SRA) is a 10 year strategy developed in 2010. ASDS is the overall national sector strategy for addressing Kenya Vision 2030.The strategy outlines the characteristics, challenges, opportunities, vision, mission, strategic thrusts and the various interventions that the ministries will undertake to propel the agricultural sector to the future. It is aimed at creating a vibrant and productive agricultural sector.

Key players in the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy

  • Agriculture Sector Coordination Unit (ASCU): The ASCU coordinates the sector ministries and other stakeholders towards implementation of (ASDS). It also supports sector activities such as policy formulation, the budget making process and development of medium term plans.
  • Private Sector institutions: They play an important role in the provision of financial, physical and social infrastructure for production, processing and marketing of goods and services.
  • Development partners and regional cooperation: Bilateral and multilateral development partners play a significant role in supporting Kenya’s agricultural and rural development sector through complementing Government’s resources and in spearheading new initiatives and facilitating projects.
  • Farmers’ organizations: Farmers’ organizations include cooperatives societies, farmers’ unions and federations, commodity associations, enterprise-based groups and community-based organizations. These organizations are important economic entities established to enhance representation of farmers as well as lobby and advocate on their behalf at various levels.
  • Training and Learning Institutions: This category includes both local and international educational institutions i.e. Schools, colleges and universities. They help in collaborative research and information dissemination. In addition, they play a key role in providing the skilled man power and capacity building for the sector.
  • Local level Institutions: At the grass roots, there will be various devolved organizations which will support ARD sector. These will include county government institutions, NGOs, and FBOs which support the ARD sector through resource mobilization, capacity building of local communities and assist in identifying priority areas for development and lead in their implementation.