Kenya Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya is the state body vested with the power of overseeing the agricultural sector. The ministry offers services like agricultural extension, crop development, agricultural development coordination and agricultural policy review and coordination

Its core functions include:

  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of agricultural legislation’s, regulations and policies.
  • Provision of agricultural extension services.
  • Supporting agricultural research and promoting delivery.
  • Facilitating and representing agricultural state corporations in the Government.
  • Development, implementation and coordination of programmes in the agriculture sector.
  • Regulating and quality control of inputs, produce and products from the agriculture sector.
  • Management and control of pests and diseases in crops.
  • Promoting management and conservation of the natural resource base for agriculture.
  • Collecting, maintaining and managing information on the agriculture sector.

Several state corporations have been formed under this ministry over the years and the ministry works the corporations to achieve its goals. The corporations are the following;

  • Agricultural Finance Corporation
  • Pest Control Products Board
  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)
  • Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service
  • Cotton Development Authority
  • Agriculture Society of Kenya
  • Kenya Sugar Research Foundation
  • Pyrethrum Board of Kenya
  • Kenya Seed Company
  • National Cereals and Produce Board
  • Coffee Board of Kenya
  • Kenya Sugar Board
  • Coffee Research Foundation
  • Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation (NTZDC)
  • Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC)
  • The Kenya Agricultural Productivity programme (KAPP)
  • Horticultural Crops Development Authority
  • Tea Board of Kenya
  • Tea Research Foundation
  • South Nyanza Sugar Company Ltd
  • Nzoia Sugar Company
  • Chemelil Sugar Company
  • Kenya Coconut Development Authority