Best primary schools in Rwanda and list of private primary schools in Kigali

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PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN KIGALI and Best primary schools in Rwanda

The International School of Kigali Rwanda is one of the best schools in the country and the school is located at KG 517 St, Kigali and the school were built seven years ago. It offers good quality education to the students, a full program is delivered to studies in art, foreign language, physical education and many other co-curriculum activities. It also offers an American-based curriculum.

Kigali International Community School and Best primary schools in Rwanda

Its a Christian, non-profit school founded 12years ago. The school is located at Caisse Sociale Estates, Gaculiro, BP 6558, Kigali on KG 408 St, and it delivers an educational program of preK through grade 12.

Green Hills Academy Best primary schools in Rwanda

is one of the schools in Rwanda that offers Label France Education accreditation, helping students pursue further education and careers in Francophone countries. Green Hills Academy is centrally located on a lush 26-acre campus in Nyarutarama KG 207 St, Kigali. Its facilities include a state of the art gymnasium, pool, music and band room, dining hall, boarding houses and soccer fields. There are many other great things about Green Hills Academy, such as the dedicated and knowledgeable staff, the expansive after-school programs, a variety of language choices and then boarding facilities.

Kigali Christian School Best primary schools in Rwanda

is a private Christian school owned and operated by Youth for Christ-Rwanda in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. It’s doors first opened in January 2006. The school offers the Rwanda National Curriculum from Primary one (grade one) to Primary Six (grade six). Students take French as the medium of instruction from grade one to grade two while English is taught as a subject. English is taken as the medium of instruction from grade three to grade six while French is taught as a subject. The school is also located on KG 19 Avenue, Kigali.

Umubano Primary school Best primary schools in Rwanda

is the third best school in Kigali. It offers academic excellence, value equal opportunities, the development of critical thinking, independence and cooperative learning for their pupils. The School has seven buildings, has nine classrooms and a library on a sloping site and it’s located at KK 297 St, Kigali.

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