The establishment of Chuka University was foretold way back in 1951 by a famous philanthropist and seer, Jerusha Kanyua, who said that a mountain would come up at Ndagani. Chuka University is a public institution established through a legal notice No. 161 of 2007. It was a constituent College of Egerton University and the successor of the former Egerton University Eastern Campus College, Chuka established on 27th September 2004, by Egerton University Council to enhance access to high quality and affordable University education to the people living in the Eastern region and Kenya at large. Chuka University was awarded a university charter this year, 2013. The university is located near Ndagani Market along Nairobi – Meru Higway, 2 Km after Chuka Town.


  • Faculty Agriculture & Environmental Studies
  • Faculty Arts & Humanities
  • Faculty Business Studies
  • Faculty Education & Resource Development
  • Faculty Science and Engineering Technology

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