Facilitation by government in Health Sector

The government of Kenya (GOK) has done the following to facilitate the Health Sector;

  • The government allocated Ksh 31.6 billion to the health sector FY2013/14
  • The Government of Kenya (GOK) is determined to improve access and equity to essential health care services and to ensure that the health sector plays its essential role in the realisation of the Kenyan Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and health
  • The government health policy gives directions to ensure significant improvement in overall status health in Kenya in line with the country’s long term development
  • Government prioritised health sector as one of the key sectors in Kenya’s overall development strategy Vision 2030
  • The government is committed in ensuring the highest attainable standard of health restructuring and transforming
  • The government has tried to ensure that there is effective devolved distribution network to avail medical supplies to health care facilities
  • The Government of Kenya has provided a comprehensive output and performance oriented plan that defines Kenyan aspirations and priorities for the health sector
  • Government of Kenya (GOK) approved the Kenya Health Policy Framework (KHPF) as a blueprint for developing and managing health services