Facilitations of the Kenya agricultural sector

Budget provisions

The budget of 2013/14 has the following provisions;

  • Ksh 8 billion has been allocated to implement the on-going irrigation projects spread throughout the country.
  • Ksh 2 billion has been set aside for Agri-Business Fund to de-risk and leverage commercial bank lending to smallholder and commercial farmers throughout the country. Plans to also scale this Fund to Ksh 20 billion in four years are underway.
  • Ksh 3.6 billion has been allocated to implement the first Phase of the 1 million acre irrigation and food security project in Galana.

Other facilitations

  • The government instituted the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS) which is the sector strategy for addressing Vision 2030.
  • Institution of the Agriculture Sector Coordination Unit (ASCU) which coordinates the sector ministries and other stakeholders towards implementation of (ASDS). It also supports sector activities such as policy formulation, the budget making process and development of medium term plans.
  • The government explicitly encourages participation from Private Sector institutions which play an important role in the provision of financial, physical and social infrastructure for production, processing and marketing of goods and services.
  • Working with Development partners and regional cooperation. Bilateral and multilateral development partners play a significant role in supporting Kenya’s agricultural and rural development sector through complementing Government’s resources and in spearheading new initiatives and facilitating projects.
  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute was established in 1979 as a semi-autonomous government institution to enhance its capacity to meet long-term food production constraints in the country.
  • The Government of Kenya signed a Code of Conduct with Development Partners requiring all participants to support and work towards achieving Kenya’s national, regional and global commitments.