Hotels and romantic restaurants in Kigali, good places to eat in Kigali

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Hotels and romantic restaurants in Kigali
Hotels and romantic restaurants in Kigali

      HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS IN KIGALI, good places to eat in Kigali

Heaven restaurant and boutique, good places to eat in Kigali

is a 4 star hotel with a full service spa,saltwater pool,mid range and luxury accommodation,delicious African fusion fare and a fitness centre. Therefore the hotel is also located at the heart of Kigali city which is KN 29 street,Rwanda.

Kigali Serena hotel good places to eat in Kigali

is located at KN3,Avenue in Kigali  but also a 5 star hotel with the harvest of the crowd when it comes to accommodation also offers a convenient,comfort and top quality service.and is a large thoughtful interior,reflecting the best of Rwandan cultural art.

Ubumwe Grande Hotel, good places to eat in Kigali

is located at Grand pension plaza,KN3 Avenue, in Kigali with the whole view of Kigali city and it is a 4 star hotel that offers stylish guest rooms and comforting will also enjoy the signature chocolate chip cookie,and know that this welcoming gift is only a taste of the warm,and experienced personal services.

Step Town Hotel good places to eat in Kigali

 is within a close proximity to Kigali memorial,Kigali bus park,restaurants row,shopping district,government offices and banks.Therefore it has different guest room categories to choose from and is located at KN 1,Avenue,Kigali.It also has a good fare at the restaurant with a variety of tastes,very clean guest rooms and the hotel offers breakfast,lunch and car hire inclusive with excellent staff and great view of the city.

Kigali Marriott hotel good places to eat in Kigali

is a 5 star hotel having upscale property rooms with a spa and gym located at KN 3,Avenue,Kigali which offers its guests with a spa,outdoor swimming pool and a health club,free parking,along with an airport shuttle which is 40 USD per vehicle one way,dry cleaning services,concierge services.Other services include sauna,free WiFi in public areas and 18 meeting rooms.

Pili Pili hotel good places to eat in Kigali

is 3 star hotel with a good spacious place,polite staff and attracts a crowd which is also located at KG 303,St,Kigali. Therefore the hotel has a great setting,great view of the city,sand beach,pool,volleyball,sport bar,chocolate shop and Barbeque on outside grills.

Hotel Chez Lando good places to eat in Kigali

 is an informal hotel with an airport shuttle located at KG 201,St,Kigali which has warm rooms with a garden view around offering dining and a bar where by you sit calmly with your friends.

Radisson blue hotel and convention centre, good places to eat in Kigali

is located at KG 2,Roundabout,Kigali with a premium lodging having streamlined rooms,dining,bar, a pool ,gym and spa area for the esteemed customers.The hotel is also a part of the convention centre which has only and only one gate where there is a good security check up before you enter the premises.

Urban by City Blue good places to eat in Kigali

is a 4 star modern hotel which is located at KN 51,St,Kigali.The hotel has casual quarters with balconies,dining, and a rooftop also has basic facilities and reasonably WiFi with cool prices plus great deals in this hotel.

The manor hotel good places to eat in Kigali

is a 4 star laid-back hotel with 3 restaurants,fussy rooms with flat screens,bar and an exercise is also located at  KG 552,St, Kigali with the best view of the city.

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