Kenya Methodist University (KEMU)

With an increased population, rising unemployment of the youth and poor land use in the 1950s, local church leaders hatched the idea of training local people to become self- reliant. Two institutions; Kaaga Rural Training Centre and Methodist Training Institute formed the basic foundation of Kenya Methodist University. Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) was awarded its Charter on June 28th 2006. On 9th June 1997, the Commission for Higher Education granted a Letter of Interim Authority, giving an approval for the establishment of the University.

University now has over 9,000 students, 2 Schools, 3 faculties, 19 academic departments and more than 550 members of staff. Kenya Methodist University is located on KeMU Hub Building, Monrovia Street, Nairobi.


  • Faculty of Education and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing and Informatics
  • Faculty of Science and Technology


  • School of Business and Economics
  • School of Medicine and Health Sciences

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