Nairobi city water & Sewerage Company

The Nairobi Water Company is a water service provider charged with the provision of the water and sewerage services in Nairobi. Nairobi Water Company’s formation arose from the enactment of the Water Act 2002 which created new institution to manage water resources in the country

Functions of NCWSC

  • The company is engaged purely in providing water and sewerage services to the residents of Nairobi.
  • The Nairobi Water Company is a subsidiary of the Nairobi City Council .The company however, has operational autonomy to enable it to run efficiently and without interference in the water sector.
  • The Nairobi Water Company is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders receive water regularly and efficiently
  • The company ensures that water is reaching the customers and it is of the highest quality. The Company aspires to be a role model among other water companies established across the Africa.
  • To manage water resources within the country and ensure that all people are able to get water