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People Bar and Dance venue of the best night clubs in Kigali

always starts from 21:00-6:00 with a wonderful set up located at KG 543,St,Kigali.In this night club there seats with all round bar tables on the dance floor,light,smoke machine,air conditioning dance floor that makes dancing even more comfortable. It also has pool tables,drinks are normal bar options and the crowd that comes out as well.

K-club is one of the best night clubs in Kigali

is opened at 18:00-6:00 located at Gucuriro just above woodland supermarket on KG 9,Avenue,Kigali. The club has great music and beer prices,crowded by tourists and good parking available.

Papyrus of the best night clubs in Kigali 

is bar and grill that opens from 11:00-00:00 which located at KG 674,St,Kigali. It has good music,good food at affordable prices with good potions.

Platinum of the best night clubs in Kigali

night club is an Exclusive Friday night where people go to enjoy and have good refreshments.

Legacy Lounge and wine bar of the best night clubs in Kigali

 is located inside Hotel des Mille Collins at KN 6,Avenue,Kigali with amazing music and good set up.

Sundowner of the best night clubs in Kigali

opens from 10:00-00:00 and is located at KG 625,St,Kigali.The place offers cross access to transport hubs,good nyamachoma,and good music mix from oldies to the trending entertainments which is a mix of age groups.

Rosty club one of the best night clubs in Kigali

is open 24 hours located at KG 18,Avenue,Kigali.It is a versatile place where you can watch ant football game with great sound,tremendous fare,live bands that keep you entertained all thought.

Best club bar and Resto is located at KN 2,Avenue,Kigali where there is good Resto and entertainment which help you end of the day.

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