Residential and Apartment Sector

There have been an increasing number of privately owned residential schemes coming onto the market for rent in the past 3-5 years, plus a number of bigger schemes are being developed to target the top-end of the market for sale. The recent big schemes include Springhill’s apartments in Lubowa, Royal Palms in Butabika, Palm Villas, Castle apartments, Kensington in Kyanja, Top Villas, Chartsworth and the various National Housing and Construction Company Limited ‘s estates to name but a few. The demand for “affordable” housing has continued to grow in line with Uganda’s population growth rate of 3.5% p.a and the banking institutions have contributed greatly to private home ownership through mortgage financing. However, there is a shortage of good quality expatriate rental accommodation mainly as a result of the change of user in the once prime residential suburbs of Nakasero, Kololo and Bugolobi from residential to office use.