The best markets in Kigali, list of markets in kigali

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The best markets in Kigali, MARKETS IN KIGALI

Kigali fabric market The best markets in Kigali

It’s a cool market that closes at 18:00 hours and is located at KN 2 at, Kigali, Rwanda.

Kigali city market is a large and high building in the city centre. The market has all basic needs of food, clothing and mobiles. Things are organized in a decent way where you can enjoy walking and the market is located at KN 2 at, Kigali and closes at 23:30 hours.

Remera Market deals in second-hand clothes at pocket-friendly prices. The market closes at 19:30hours and is located in Kigali.

Gikondo Market  The best markets in Kigali

opens until  20:00 hours and is located at KK 709 at, Kigali, Rwanda. Most of the goods sold in the market have affordable prices.

Cabeza Market 

opens also until 22:00 hours located in Kigali, Rwanda. The market is less expensive and easy to navigate it and what you want.

Caplaki Craft Village

located at KK 2 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda and closes until 20:00 hours. It is a very nice place where locals buy their products and sell touristic, African nice made products.

Solo Market

also opens until 6:00 AM Wednesday and is located in Ngoma, Kigali, Rwanda.

Zinya Market in Kigali

Open 24 hours and easily accessible.

Kimironko Market

Opens until 19:55 hours and is located at KG 194 at, Kigali, Rwanda.  

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