Beaches in Mombasa

Mombasa’s string of gorgeous beaches that stretches down to the Tanzanian border is one of the main attractions of the city. With a more laid back atmosphere than many other coastal east African cities, Mombasa is a great place to unwind and enjoy some great sun, sand and surf on its 500 km of white sand beaches. A visit to Mombasa will never be complete without visiting its magnificent beaches with endless clear sand and warm waters. Some of the best beaches include;

Jomo Kenyatta Public beach

Located next to Bamburi Beach, Jomo Kenyatta Public beach is also the only remaining stretch of beach in Mombasa that is not under private management.

Shanzu beach

Shanzu Beach is the pearl of the north coast in Mombasaandis one of Mombasa’s most visited destinations. With a wide number of attractions to discover, Shanzu Beach offers a memorable escape with its famous sites and fine dining.

Tiwi beach

Tiwi is located north of Diani Beach approximately 17 km south of Mombasa Island in Matuga Constituency, Kwale County. The area is home to dozens of quaint thatch-roofed (or makuti in Swahili) colonial holiday homes, cottages, and boutique hotels; all built at a stone’s throw distance from the Indian Ocean. The beach itself is a picture of white sands, lined by rows of coconut and casuarina trees. At the north end of the beach, a natural rock dipping pool in the shape of Africa is a great spot for a swim or cliff diving at high tide.

Malinda Beach

Malinda beach is a popular location for tourists because of its large selection of offshore coral reefs. Additionally, it is a great location for big game fishing at different times throughout the year because of an increase in fish population due to the trade winds and tropical currents. Also Malinda Marine Park is one of the premiere locations for snorkeling and diving in the country and it brings many water sports enthusiasts from around the world into the Mombasa area annually.

Nyali Beach

The first beach directly to the north of Mombasa, Nyali Beach is one of the most easily assessable beaches from Mombasa. Featuring many of the most popular hotels, the beach has a great lagoon that makes it a prime location for kite surfing.

Diani Beach

Farther south of Mombasa is Diani Beach, a popular spot for international tourists. Here the white sand beaches are exquisite and the water is tranquil. The reefs around this area have created a perfect condition to protect the waters and make a great swimming spot. The beaches are lined with souvenir stalls, beach houses and luxury resorts and often become quite packed during the high season.

Tiwi Beach

This is a quiet beach on the southern end that does not have any of the large hotels or resorts that many of the other beaches do, making it a tranquil getaway spot. The reef here is also very close, making it a great spot for swimming. Though there are not panhandlers and people selling wares here, there are few restaurants and activities. Most cottages here are either self-catering or have small restaurants attached to them.

Bamburi Beach

Well known for good restaurants and busy nightclubs, Bamburi Beach, just north of Mombasa, is also a great location for water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and water skiing. Camel rides on the beach and dhows cruises also are available.