Nairobi City

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Nairobi City is the largest capital city of The Republic of Kenya. It about 140 km from the eastern edge of the Eastern Rift Valley and about 140 km south of the equator. The city is located at 1°28′S36°82′E and occupies an area of 696 square kilometers. Nairobi City is about 16.5 km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. History

The name ‘Nairobi’ originates from Maasai name of the area, “enkare nyorobi,” meaning “a place of cool waters”. Nairobi was founded in 1899 and declared a municipality in 1935 and attained a city status on 30th March, 1950

Population According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Nairobi had a population of 3,138,369 people in 2009


The following is a list of Mayors of Nairobi City;

Term begin Term   end        Mayor
1923 1924 Edgah Henderson
1924 1925 Charles Udall
1925 1927 James Riddell
1927 1929 Alfred Thomas Wood
1929 1930 Charles Udall
1930 1931 Franze Rudolf Mayer
1931 1933 James Riddell
1933 1934 Joseph Mortimer
1934 1936 Edward (George) Gwinnett Bompas
1936 1937 Alfred Thomas Wood
1937 1938 Joseph Mortimer
1938 1940 Lady Gwladys Delamere
1941 1942 Ernest Albert Vasey
1942 1944 Charles Udall
1944 1946 Ernest Albert Vasey
1946 1947 Tyson George Alfred
1949 1950 Frederick George Richard Woodley
1950 1952 Norman Harris
1952 1953 Dr. J.R. Gregory
1953 1954 Harold Travis
1954 1955 Reggie S. Alexander
1957 1959 Israel Somen
1959 1960 Marjorie Needham-Clarke
1961 1962 Harold Travis
1963 1967 Charles Rubia
1967 1970 Isack Lugonzo
1970 1976 Margaret Kenyatta
1977 1980 Andrew Ngumba
1980 1983 Nathan Kahara
1983 1992 VACANT
1993 1994 Steve Flavian Mwangi
1994 1996 Dick Waweru
1996 1998 John King’ori
1998 1999 Sammy Mbugua
1999 2001 John Ndirangu
2001 2002 Dick Waweru
2003 2004 Joe Aketch
2004 2008 Dickson Wathika
2009 2010 Geoffrey Majiwa
2010 To date George Aladwa

In 1983, the City Council of Nairobi was abolished by government and replaced by a City Commission appointed by the President. Nairobi City had therefore no Mayors from 1983 until 1992.


Nairobi is connected by good paved roads to Kenya’s other major urban centers. It is also served by buses, mini-buses, shared taxis, trains and by air through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport.


The city is divided into 8 divisions which also serve as Parliamentary Constituencies;

Each division is headed by a district officer. Nairobi city lies in Nairobi County headed by Governor Dr. Evans Kidero.

HQ of International Organization

The following International Organizations have their African headquarters in Nairobi City;

Green City in the Sun

Nairobi’s beautiful green foliage has earned her an identity of the “Green City in the Sun’’.

The Safari Capital of the World

Nairobi City is the only city in the world with a national park in its boundaries and has come to be known as “The Safari Capital of the World“. The wildlife including Zebras, Wildebeests, Buffalos, Giraffes, Rhinos, Cheetahs, and Lions are all living wild within 20 minutes of the Nairobi City Centre.