Why Study In Kenya?

Studying in Kenya provides the following advantages;

  • Kenya is home to a number of national parks and wildlife reserves making it an ideal destination to study zoology, ecology, biology and other related studies.
  • Kenya’s share of economic problems like agricultural decline and political corruption provides a perfect case study for economics and political science.
  • The diverse cultures and linguistic variations are suitable for cross cultural studies which enables students to learn various languages, appreciate and learn to live with different people from all backgrounds
  • Kenya is a perfect representation of African landscape and beauty held within the savannahs, varying climate across the country and the national parks which provide a memorable study experience.
  • A wide range of courses is offered in the fields of law, medicine, business and computer administration all offered at certificate, diploma, degree, masters and PhD level.
  • Kenya has wonderful climate which is favorable to aspiring students.
  • Kenyan education authorities and bodies all combined provide a favorable and comfortable study environment for both local and international students.
  • Kenya’s capital Nairobi City provides an established social hub for international businesses, multi-national companies and organizations thus providing great exposure for students have hands-on experiences in their fields of study.
  • Cost of living in Kenya is relatively low making it a not-so-expensive study destination